Newport Independent School Based Counselling Service (NISBCS)

The Newport Independent School Based Counselling Service (NISBCS) provides free counselling and psychotherapy to children & young people from 3 years of age up to their 19th birthday living in the Newport area. NISBCS is based in every secondary school in Newport with on-site counsellors, and provides a peripatetic service to all primary schools within the city.

NISBCS also provides a limited community service to those young people who are not in mainstream education, employment or training.

TalkingZone is a new online counselling service for young people aged between 11-17 years.

As well as our counsellors that provides face to face counselling, TalkingZone is an additional place which is safe and private where young people can talk to a counsellor via text chat or find help about some of the things that may be worrying them.

TalkingZone Counsellors are available online each Thursday between 11am-1pm and 5pm-8pm.

TalkingZone also provides self help information and videos which are available 24hrs a day 7 days a week.

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