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You can access the service in a number of ways:

  • By clicking on one of the appointment request buttons below (young people self-referring for 11-18 years of age only)
  • By Phone: 01633 432 420

Or by submitting the downloadable referral documents below:

  • By Post: TalkingZone, University of South Wales, Newport City Campus, Usk Way, Newport, NP20 2BP

Request an Appointment

If you wish to see a counsellor you can request an appointment using our online referral form. We have two referral forms:

For young people to refer themselves
If you are a young person wishing to request an appointment with a counsellor:

Everything you say to the counsellor is private unless you say something that means you or another young person are being seriously harmed in some way or at risk of serious harm.

Appointment Request

For adults to refer a child or young person
If you are an adult wishing to request an appointment for a young person to see a counsellor:

Information supplied to the service is confidential unless something is disclosed that indicates a young person is being seriously harmed or is at risk of serious harm. In this case we may pass on the information to appropriate external services to support the young person.

Appointment Request

Downloadable Referral Documents

For Adults

Primary school (Nursery – Year 5), please use the following documents:

Secondary school and primary school (Year 6), please use the following documents: