How to Refer a Child

Parents, guardians and professionals may refer a child to TalkingZone. When the referral form has been submitted it will be sent directly to the TalkingZone therapist. The therapist will then assess the referral and contact the person referring within 3 working days. This will be to confirm receipt of the referral and provide an estimate of the wait time for an initial appointment. Please ensure before a referral is made, a discussion with child has taken place and the child agrees to the counselling.

Parents or Legal Guardians

Your child may receive up to 9 sessions of counselling with a supervised counsellor during school time. Sessions will last for around 40 to 50 minutes. Your child will be encouraged to talk through their concerns, initially to make sense of them. The process also seeks to assist your child to build on their strengths and potentially find solutions to their concerns.

Appointments will be confidential unless it becomes apparent that your child or someone else is at risk of significant harm. In this case, assurance will be given to your child that the best decisions will be made regarding their safety or the safety of others. If your child needs additional help and support this will be discussed throughout the sessions and the involvement of parents will be encouraged to arrive at the best options to suit the child’s individual need. All counselling sessions are conducted in private rooms solely between your child and the counsellor. To ensure best practice is adhered to, counsellors receive regular clinical supervision and line management. All counsellors go through an annual enhanced safety check by the UK Government Disclosure and Barring Service.

To complete the referral form and provide your consent, please select the school your child attends from the list below and click the submit button.

Teachers & Other Professionals

If you are a teacher or professional wishing to refer a child/young person, please complete the referral form and then obtain the parent/legal guardian’s consent for their child to receive counselling. This can be undertaken by asking the parent/legal guardian to complete our parent consent form

Please select the school the child attends from the list below and then click submit to open the referral form.